Friday, February 03, 2017


Marco Mengoni hasn't really stopped since winning Sanremo and representing Italy in the Eurovision song contest in spring 2013. It's been a non stop touring, recording, promoting, touring ever since with albums he has released: Pronto a correre (March 2013), Parole in circolo (January 2015), Le cose che non ho (December 2015), Marco Mengoni Live (November 2016). Three major tours lasting months and months each. Promotion abroad and the first European tour. No wonder he's now ready to take some time off.....
This blogger wishes him good holidays and a lot of adventures to give him material for some amazing music in the future! Can't wait for that but take your time!

"Yes, I go on a leave. I need a little time to clear my head, my stomach, my soul, my brain. I want to wait, but don't wait for me. I mean I do not have expectations. What should come, will come. A book? Maybe it's too early, I would not be able to enter into the abyss of an emotions and write it down. I do it with music. I have already made an open ticket, flexible dates. I'm leaving alone very soon. First New York, then from there ... we'll see. "

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