Saturday, May 02, 2015


Krista Siegfrids has been travelling between Helsinki and Stockholm the past months while writing and recording her new album to be released later this year. She also took part in Tähdet, tähdet tv-show where she mastered 1990's pop, punk, Finnpop, country, opera, heavy and soul before she was sadly voted out and she finished 5th (ex-Eurovision stars Laura Voutilianen and Teräsbetoni's Jarkko Ahola made it to top-3 when the show is still on. Last year Jari Sillanpää won it). Those who thought she's only a ding dong girl and can't do but songs like Marry me, Amen or Cinderella finally saw she is much more, like her singles Can you see me and On & off have proven, too. 
"When I'm asked to do a tv-show I always consider well if it's something I really want to do. I don't need to do a tv-show just to prove Im still alive" she says. She has done The Voice that didn't go so well but then she got her sweet revenge in UMK and that lead to her to fullfil one of her lifetime dreams, Eurovision. Since then she has been the mentor in two seasons of The Voice Kids, her artists winning both times! "I make decisions with heart. I usually know right away if I want to be part of something or not. I have missed opportunities by saying no as it hasn't felt right. Like Melodifestivalen 2015. It has been a childhood dream of mine but they wanted me to sing a pop song in Swedish and I didn't feel it. The song and singing in Swedish didn't feel right so I said no. But I keep on working alos in Sweden with the new album, meeting new producers and writers and last time I was there I also gave radio interviews and all that. Sweden has more experience, money and contacts in exporting their music. It would be awesome if my songs would break internationally. It would be easier to conquer the world from Sweden" she concludes. Let's see what happens when the next album will be released.... be ready!
Check out more Krista's Vappu celebration photos by Ilta-Sanomat here

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