Sunday, May 24, 2015


News from Russia tell in the Finnish media that Russia pretty much censored Conchita Wurst from the screen in the Eurovision final! Not an easy task as she was hosting the green room, performing several times and interviewing people and even flying in the show. She was everywhere (and I am not complaining! I want a Conchita Show on TV asap!) 
How to do it? Easy, you switch on to Andrei Malahov's talk show when she sings, put on adds when she interviews people including their own Polina Gagarina and if nothing else helps you can always show the audience in the talk show studio instead..... Now, EBU, what are you going to do for that? Isn't it the rule one must broascast the show as it is (Itay got a special permission for doing it their way when they returned in 2011)
Let's wait and see....

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