Monday, May 25, 2015


If Australia did its best ratings so far, so did Italy. The country has had a rocky restart what comes to viewings since its comeback but it's been steadily growing and this year breaks all the previous records. The final has been followed in average by 3.292.000 viewers with a peak at 4.786.000 making it the third most watched programme of the evening right after major channels Rai1 and Canale5. 
The first semifinal that was ment to be showed live for the first time but then cancelled and showed on Wednesday night at 11pm gathered anyway 212.000 with the peak at 314.000. The second semifinal where Italy voted got 792.000 and 1.092.000 peak. 
Eurovision has been also a success on Twitter. 
We didn't get to Torino 2016 but maybe 2017? Italy and RAI are ready. And meanwhile Il Volo will fly to European success..... 

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