Friday, May 22, 2015


Once again many spokespersons are already familiar faces. There are previous Eurovision singers and winners, even previous Eurovision and national final hosts and then well known tv-hosts and hstesses in theirown counties. And then some random celebrities like Ireland's ex-Westlife singer and UK's celebrity tv cook Nigella Lawson. Here they are from Valentina Monetta to Helena Paparizou, from Tinkara Kovac to Andrea Demirovic, Teo, Suzy and Nikki.and more.... and ding dong alert: Krista Siegfrids will burst out with a bubble of laughter and positivity, too!

Albania: Andri Xhahu (Eurovision commentator)
Armenia: Lilit Muradyan (tv-hostess)
Australia: Lee Lin Chin (tv-hostess)
Austria: Kati Bellowitsch (radio and tv-hostess)
Azerbaijan: Nigar Jamal aka Nikki (Eurovision 2011 winner)
Belgium: Walid (tv-host)
Belarus: Teo (Eurovision 2014 entrant)
Cyprus: Lukas Hamatzos (host and singer)
Denmark: Basim (Eurovision 2014 entrant)
Estonia: Tanja (Eurovision 2014 entrant)
Finland. Krista Siegfrids (Eurovision 2013 entranr)
France: Virginie Guilhaume (tv-hostess)
Georgia: Natia Bunturi (tv-hostess)
Germany: Barbara Schoneberger (tv-hostess)
Greece: Helena Paparizou (Eurovision 2005 winner)
Ireland: Nicky Byrne (ex-Westlife singer)
Iceland: Sigridur Hallorsdottir (tv journalist)
Israel: Ofer Nachshom (tv-host)
Italy: Federico Russo (Radio and tv-host, commentator 2015)
Latvia: Markus Riva (national final runner up 2015)
Lithuania: Ugnè Galadauskaite (journalist)
Macedonia: Marko Mark (journalist)
Malta: Julie Zahra (Eurovision 2004 entrant)
Moldova: Olivia Furtuna (tv-hostess)
Montenegro: Andrea Demirovic (Eurovision 2009 entrant)
Norway: Margarethe Røed (children's tv-hostess)
Netherlands: Edsilia Rombley (Eurovision 1998 and 2007 entrant)
Poland: Cleo (Eurovision 2014 entrant)
Portugal: Suzy (Eurovision 2014 entrant)
UK: Nigella Lawson (television chef)
Czech Republic: Daniela Pisarovicova (tv-hostess)
Romania: Sonia Argint Ionescu (tv-hostess)
Russia: Dimitri Shpelev (Green Room host in 2009 Eurovision final)
San Marino: Valentina Monetta (Eurovision 2012, 2013 and 2014 entranr)
Serbia: Maja Nikolic (tv-hostess)
Slovenia: Tinkara Kovac (Eurovision 2014 entrant)
Spain: Lara Siscar (journalist)
Sweden: Mariette Hansson (3rd in Melodifestivalen 2015)
Switzeerland: Laetitia Guarino (Miss Switzerland 2015)
Hungary: Csilla Tatar (tv-hostess)

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