Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Oh boy, I don't think the prediction has been so difficult ever before. Sixteen songs and you can't really rule anyone out as yet. The list of those I want to qualify is rather easy, but the prediction! I have been toying with them the past two days and I would say there are only three sure ones: Estonia, Russia, Armenia... The rest is more difficult. Most doubts I have with Moldova, Finland, Netherlands, Hungary, Belarus, Denmark, Greece.... I even have doubts with Albania, Romania and Georgia! So, it's quite a lottery in the end but here they are, my prediction at this very moment (I may change my mind during the live broascast tonight....):

Armenia, Belgium, Finland, Estonia, Serbia, Russia, Albania, Romania, Georgia... and the last spot goes to Moldova/Greece/Belarus/Denmark.... I say Denmark

My bicycling reporter Robert has also provided his list:

Armenia, Belgium, Netherlands, Finland, Greece, Estonia, Serbia, Russia, Albania, Georgia

As for the out personal favorites and want list we actually share exactly the same ones:

Armenia, Belgium, Netherlands, Estonia, Serbia, Hungary, Belarus, Albania, Romania, Georgia

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