Thursday, May 21, 2015


Oh dear. If I had trouble filling up the Wish list for the first semifinal in the second one I have too many I want in the final! I had to leave four potential ones out of it. Also, with my Flying Reporter Robert this time our Wish lists are quite different, while our Prediction list 9/10 the same. Let's see how it goes. 

So, here is my Wish list, or those I would like to qualify:

Lithuania, San Marino, Montenegro, Norway, Portugal
Czech Republic, Israel, Azerbaijan, Slovenia
(the ones I had to drop but I would like to see in the final instead of some that qualified from the first semi are Ireland, Latvia, Sweden and Poland)

Robert's wish list is:

Ireland, Montenegro, Norway, Portugal, Czech Republic
Israel, Latvia, Azerbaijan, Iceland, Slovenia

And what comes to the real thing, here's my Prediction list:

Lithuania, Montenegro, Norway, Czech Republic, Israel, 
Latvia, Azerbaijan, Sweden, Cyprus, Slovenia

And Robert's Prediction list:

Lithuania, Ireland, Montenegro, Norway, Czech Republic, 
Israel, Latvia, Azerbaijan, Sweden, Slovenia

We both got 8/10 in the First semifinal in both Wish lists and Prediction lists, let's see how it goes this time....

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