Saturday, May 16, 2015


They have kept their minimalistic, literally, staging the same. Apparently there are some camera angles finetuned and such but otherwise it's very simple with all the focus on the song. Scarlett lets her gorgeous locks down today with a hairpiece and looks much better. There seem to be a lot of close ups and walking around in various directions. I'm sure it will look good on screen. It will be curious to see how far this goes, and should it go very far what kind of effect it will have in 2016's stagings, a bit like last year's Common Linnets effect is visible here, as is Conchita's. I hope Norway proves props, pyros and overdone choreographies are not needed if the song is good enough. Anyways, it seems that's the direction we are going anyways luckily, as only Moldova seems to be having any major props on stage.... 

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