Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Vienna has put an amazing show. I would have enjoyed it a bit more if the Finnish commentatrs weren't talking all over Conchita - who was fabulous and needs her own talk show asap - all the time. Everythng looked fab and the presenters were ok. Meaning there but not annoying. The animal tourist trip was a bit WTF? but we need that, too. 
I think Estonia and Georgia were excellent on stage, with Belgium I wasn't quite sure about all the camera shots (with falshback of Valentina's flag problems with Crisalide), Greece's English was all over the place and I can't help it but Russia leaves me totally cold. But thanks to the lovely audience taking out their rainbow flags during that number! 
So, I got 8/10 in my prediction, just missing Finland and Denmark - both added there for reasons only known to myself when I did it as they surely didn't make my wish list. Same for Robert, he missed the Netherlands and Finland so I guess we are in the same boat here. In our wishlist that was identical we missed the Netherlands and Belarus when Russia and Greece did it instead. Finland is out. Is this the moment I can say: What did I say?
In the press conference the artists also draw their first or second half for the final performance, that you can see below after the country

The finalists from the first semifinal are:
ALBANIA (second half)
ARMENIA (first helf)
RUSSIA (second half)
ROMANIA  (second half)
HUNGARY (second half)
GREECE (second half)
ESTONIA (first half)
GEORGIA (second half)
SERBIA (first half)
BELGIUM (first half)

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