Saturday, May 23, 2015


The voting order has been created by the results of the last night's jury vote that counts 50% of the final result. What does it tell us? I don't even try to think what it means, who could be the runaway winner or if there is one at all this year. The early countries would indicate big votes for Italy but does that mean it will lead and then drop? Big favorites Italy and Russia are among the lasst ones to vote, thus not getting any points at that point while Norway is the last one... giving 12 to Sweden that might catch up with Italy that didn't get any points just moments earlier? I'm not try to guess, we will see tonight. Here's the order (and you can see all the spokespersons here)

Montenegro - Malta - Finland - Greece - Portugal - Romania - Belarus - Albania - Moldova - Azerbaijan - Latvia - Serbia - Estonia - Denmark - Switzerland - Belgium - France - Armenia - Ireland - Sweden - Germany - Asutralia - Czech Republic - Spain - Austria - Macedonia - Slovenia - Hungary - United Kingdom - Georgia - Lithuania - Netherlands - Poland - Israel - Russia - San Marino - Italy - Iceland - Cyprus - Norway

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