Thursday, May 28, 2015


As soon as the Vienna 2015 edition of Eurovision song contest was over the new reigning country Sweden started the preparations for the 2016 contest. The venue, most likely Tele2 Arena in Stockholm (but then, SVT surprised us with Malmö on 2013) will be chosen and announced by August. But the namedropping has started for the possible presenters. Last time it was Petra Mede, who did a marvellous job even if some in Europe didn't apparently like her style. I loved it. At least I remember her, I can't say the same about the three ladies this year.... Errr... who were they? What did they do? All I remember is Conchita! Anyways, Petra Mede was dropped by Christer Björkman the day after, along with Sanna Nielsen and Gina Dirawi, both names from Melodifestivalen where they did a good job. 
Another professional host, or the reigning Eurovision winner Måns Zelmerlöw has been put in the list immediately, too. And we can't forget Sarah Dawn Finer, that all of Eurovision Europe already knows and loves, and has been doing a great job Eurovision affairs in Sweden this year next to Björkman with previews and more. And beforementioned Nielsen was in Vienna as commentator... 
I want to throw in another name who has both Eurovision and Melodifestivalen hosting experience, is extremely funny in her way and can hold a big stage: Lena Philipsson whose looks and humour are quite similar to Petra Mede's. Would this duo be a winning team? They could play long lost twins! Björkman: take note!

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