Monday, May 18, 2015


Like every year, some "fans" and even delagates have misunderstood the purprose of the Eurovision promos, and put them on sale in eBay even before the contest is over making illegal money. As illegal it is. Most of the promos are marked "Not for sale" and thus illegal to sell. I understand collectors who buy them but would you pay over 200 euros, or even 80 euros for promos that would normally sell at 5-10 euros (if released)? 
Right now when writing this at eBay you have lots of Lithuanian and UK entries on sale but generally much fewer (so far) than before but then the trend has been in decline the past couple of years, also thanks to EBU's actions against it.  Many countries don't provide anymore so many promos as before for the same reason, and they are distributed better - not in the press conferences like before where the "fans" attacked them like starving wolfes. And it seems those on sale right now come from a very few sellers - should EBU check who they are and how they got those promos they are making money with now?
As I said the Frech promo takes the price at the moment with 207,03 euros. Iceland is asked between 82.80-104.89. Other ones with that 82,80 (same seller) are Czech Republic, Greece and Cyprus, but you can also get Greece at 36,71. Albania and Israel go for 69,92 as does Sweden, but you can get that also for 13,79 (and for 3,95 from Both San Marino and the Netherlands are sold with 20.70 and 52.44. Why would you pay 52.44? Are these people insane? Also Austria goes for 52,44 unless you see it's out there also for 9,99. Australia goes for 17,47 and Germany for 16,95. More reasonable. And as written before the UK entry can be your s at 2,75 only, but Lithuania takes the price in that: get it for 0.43....
Last but not least, Finland's 7 incher, yes that's right, 7" can be yours for 9,61-26,24.
This eBay and re-selling business will only result in no promos at all in near future, as is already happening. Greedy fans destroy a part of the contest's features. Old story I know but still makes me angry and amazed every year....

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