Monday, May 18, 2015


Today the first Semifinal One dress rehearsal took place and the all important second one is about to start, the one where the juries all over Europe and Australia vote in. This has been also the first chance for the fans and delegates alike to see how the whole show looks like and what's going to happen, the hostesses get a chance to fine tune their lines, and Conchita take over the show and then Green room.
In short, Conchita opens the show with a live orchestra that is revealed behind the stage's eye that opens singing her Rise like a Phoenix (and I wonder what will they do in the semi 2?) before walking the catwalk to the Green room, introducing all 16 acts who then walk to the stage before she joins them there to finish her song. Then she introduce us the three hostesses Mirjam Weichselbraun, Alice Tumler and Arabella Kiesbauer who take over.
The artists are showed at backstage before their postcards. Apparently the postcards are once again very nice. The hostesses are back in action after Finland saying Good Morning to Australia, before we move back to Conchita in Greenroom. Another break in the Green room comes after Russia (that was not booed), and then we finish with the entries and the usual recap business follows and the voting rules etc. 
The interval act includes animals, or their point of view of Vienna. Supposed to be funny. Another recap, presentation of the Big5 + Austria + Australia and then the revelation of the ten qualifiers would follow. They will be then on stage for the final words. "Good morning Australia, good night Europe!"
Tonight again 9pm CET all this from the beginning and for real for 50% of the votes. Tomorrow 3pm once again for the final touches and then 9pm THE FIRST SEMIFINAL FOR REAL! How time flies....

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