Saturday, May 16, 2015


Israel next on stage. It all starts with a single spotlight on Navad while he nelsts out his souldful intro. Then the lights come up and his backing singers come alive and it's party time. He has his three dancers and two backing vocalists who have also their own choreography that would put many lovely 60's ladies in shame. Lots of colors and flashing lights, oriental motives and the huge light eye blinking through the song. Quite a few steady cam shots, too, in propriate moments. For the finale the backing singers join the formtion that is a modern interpretation of the legendary Israeli Eurovision choreographies like Hora/Hi/Ole ole. And as an icing on the cake a groupie taken in the end. This is fun and surely will get the audience along come Thursday. And Saturday. This year Israel will qualify. If Nadav has a sparkle in his eyes and smile on his lips and a little flirt going on. Otherwise....

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