Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Il Volo has come and conquered. One of the top contenders for victory - and The One for me - rehearsed for the second time this morning. They haven't been easy to access due to popularity with medias but my bicycling reporter Robert managed to get them on video, more about that later! Stay tuned. They have also proved to be funny and friendly in their press conferences and media meetings, but then we #IlVolovers already knew that :-)
But back to this morning. no major changes to the previous one. The backsdrop is the same, guys are wearing their Armani suits and sing easily their lovely tune. I know they will gear it up when the live audience is there so .... Can we say it? Turin 2016? If I have to find something negative, was Gianluca looking a bit too angry? Was Piero searching for his voice the first lines? But then, it was early morning..... maybe their cappuccino wasn't perfect this morning? The delegation says they still need to finetune some things - maybe we are talking about the same things? ;-p

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