Saturday, May 30, 2015


Italy's perfect couple is back together. Last night they celebrated their reunion in Arena di Verona, the Roman amphitheatre built in 1st century. 15.000 people in the arena and millions at home watched the (over run) live spectacle with many guests as the couple relived their career and life  & love story with live orchestra and their music and family.
The couple married in 1970 and separated in 1999. In between numerous hits, victory in Sanremo, two Eurovision song contests, films, solo albums and several kids. The disappearance of their daughter Ylenia in 1994 marked the end of an era. They cancelled all their gigs. One more album was released in 1995 but they didn't perform anymore together. Al Bano went solo in 1996 while Romina left the spotlight, convinced Ylenia was still alive somewhere. Later she moved back to the USA. 
In 2013 they were again on same stage for the first time in Russia, followed by concert in the USA and Canada in 2014 and a mini tournee in Spain, Romania and Russia. This February they performed again in Italy for the first time after 21 years as special guests in Sanremo festival honoring their career. And then the mega concert last night in Verona. The story continues....
Check out some videos after the jump!

Among the guest another Eurovision veterans Ricchi e Poveri and Umberto Tozzi, who did Gente di mare with Al Bano! 
They even did We'll live it all again... And a new one, sort of:
Ci sarà, Sanremo 1984 winner
Ever beautiful Sharazan.....

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