Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Poor Dennis Heijnen of 12points.tv. When commenting about the Finnish entry and PKN he said they're not pretty and he doesn't like the song (well, who does? Honestly?) Next thing the news make all major news portals in Finland becoming the only major Eurovision news so far besides Trijntje's dress, he starts getting hate mail and today had to comment and clarify the matter for the Finnish media. I think he should have done nothing. Anyways, he explains it's all misinterpret and wrongly translated, he ment the guys of PKN aren't pretty like -insert any boyband's name here- or like the Russian grannies a few years ago when most everyone found them so adorable and cute that they wanted to vote for them. He has a point and an opinion, but all this Prettygate only underlines once again that the atmosphere here in Finland around them is that no one can say one bad word about them without being labelled and/or attacked. So much for respecting others and different opinions....
PKN themselves has a much healthier approach to it: "We are ugly? So what?!"

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