Monday, December 07, 2015


A week to go for the announcements and there are more rumors and pretty much oonfirmed guest stars. Laura Pausini is already certain, Eros Ramazzotti has confirmed himself on Twitter his presence and the duet Andrea Bocelli and Ariana Grande seems to be happening live on stage as well following their duet single and video
As for the co-hosts next to Carlo Conti there seem to have been a plan to hire the guys of Il Volo but they are unavailable as they are in the middle of their American tour then. So, the solution? Go back to the classic and hire models or actresses so Conti seems to be dealing with classic Italian movie star beauties Sabrina Ferilli (she's done this already) and Monica Bellucci. 
Non singing international stars he seems to be after are Julia Roberts and George Clooney, just like last year wasn't it?

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