Tuesday, December 29, 2015


Three out of six, that's what the rumors and gossip got out of the final six that Spanish television has chosen to sing their songs in their national final televized some time later. Let's start with the names we already "knew".... Videos are not their entries but recent songs. The entries will be released later!
Xuso Jones (26, born Jesus Segovia) is a singer, songwriter, plays guitar and piano he learned via internet. He's talents using the new www world we live in as he become a sort of a Youtube success that lead him to Los Angeles where he released his debut album in 2013. Since then he has done movie music from Mexico to China. He got known in native Spain thanks to Tu cara me suena show and he has released his second album. His song is penned by Swedes Andreas Öhrn & Peter Boström....
Maverick (Lopez, 19) comes from The Voice where his couch was Laura Pausini. He has dedicated himself to music the past six years and sings varies musical genres and has trained his voice a lot. He has just released his debut album.  His song is written by Juan Magan, Luiggi Olivares and Darling A. Cuevas
Maria Isabel (20) won the Junior Eurovision song contest at the age of 9 in 2004 and released four albums and performed in places from Americas to japan. Last year she returned to music and tries a major comeback. Her entry is written by David Santisteban.

Electric Nana, or Monica Vazquez (28) has been writing music since she was 14. Nana Electric was born in 2007 but she released her debut album only this year, all songs in English. She has also written her entry.
Salvador Beltrán (23) started playing guitar at 13 and later added piano. His debut album was released in 2012. His second album came out this year and it's a cocktail of rock, reggae, bossanova and funly pop. Hopefully his entry he wrote with Miguel Angel Arenas has also a hint of his other passion, flamenco!
Barei (33, born Barbara Reyzabel) is a singer-songwriter who has been around for 16 years already, with two albums released. She has also written songs to other artists like Malú and Edurne. She has written her song with Ruben Villanueva.

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