Sunday, December 27, 2015


Scialpi is another sour grape in the Sanremo cake. Hecomes out accusing Carlo Conti of homophobia - such an easy card to play now that after decennies he finally came out earlier this year and thanks to that has made a few headlines and tabloids again. He says he sent in a song already last year and even if Conti apparenly liked it a lot it didn't make the final cut. Now he has been served a no thank you again.....
This blogger, once upon a time a huge Scialpi fan btw, thinks it might rather be that his song sucks. It's over 20 years he has released anything decent and worth remembering. That was a long time before he started experimenting with his lips and botox and stuff, but that's just a minor detail.... No one has been interested, not even a diehard fan like me in his music. Then he even changed his artist name to Shalpy and we were wondering what kind of Prince like complex he is having? I tried to pretend interested but when he raped Alice's Vento caldo dell'estate I think even I had enough....
Yet there's a little light of hope that he  actually does have a good song? Maybe? Let us hear it and don't start accusing people of homophobia, let us judge first!
But like said, he was great back in the day. He collaborated with Mango and his debut single Rocking rolling was rather revolutionary at the time, Cigarettes and coffee, also from the debut album I listened so much the vinyl is all scratched, is an evergreen today. He did Sanremo in 1986 with No East, no West, and year later with Bella età but finished only 16th both times. He hit jackpot in 1989 with Pregherei winning Festivalbar. Another great tracks and fantastic albums followed including Il grande fiume, Cani sciolti, A... amare and then in 1992 he was back in Sanremo with È una nanna but once again Sanremo wasn't kind to him as he didn't reach the final. 1994 came Baciami but since then it's been worse and worse. But his early career greatest hits live on forever!

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