Sunday, December 13, 2015


This afternoon Carlo Conti will reveal the 20 artists that will take part in the Sanremo festival 2016. The winner has the privilege and right to represent Italy in the Eurovision song contest 2016 in Stockholm in May.
Below are also the Newcomers and their videos. The Big songs will be heard for the first time when performed live on stage in Teatro Ariston as always.
Stay tuned for live blogging as it happens from 2pm ....

So we have various Newcomers winners: Arisa, Giovanni Caccamo, Rocco Hunt, Dolcenera....
Sanremo winners Arisa, Enrico Ruggeri, Valerio Scanu....
From Eurovision Enrico Ruggeri.....
Dear Jack with new lead singer against the original one Alessio Bernabei.....
From X Factor/Amici/The Voice  Noemi, Lorenzo Fragola, Deborah Iurato, Alessio Berbabei, Dear Jack, Valerio Scanu, Francesco Michielin
Patti Pravo celebrates 50 years of career in 2016.... and the humor act Elio & co.

Only one more thing to add: be afraid of Elio e le Storie Tese..... And it will be interesting to see who will emerge the big pre-festival favorite (like Il Volo last year) as the cast is very solid without any obvious one. Also not very Eurovision friendy it seems, except maybe Dolcenera and Arisa depending on her song. And then there are a few that would be rather disastrous for Eurovsion in case they win.....

The Big

- Deborah Iurato & Giovanni Caccamo - Via da qui
- Noemi - La borsa di una donna
- Alessio Berbabei - Noi siamo infinito
- Enrico Ruggeri - Il primo amore non si scorda mai
- Arisa - Guardando il sole
- Rocco Hunt - Wake up
- Dear Jack - Mezzo respiro
- Stadio - Un giorno mi dirai
- Lorenzo Fragola - Infinite volte
- Annalisa - Il diluvio universale
- Irene Fornaciari - Blu
- Neffa - Sogni e nostalgia
- Zero Assoluto - Di me e di te
- Dolcenera - Ora o mai più
- Clementino - Quando sono lontano
- Patty Pravo - Cieli immensi
- Valerio Scanu - Finalmente piove
- Morgan & Bluvertigo - Semplicemente
- Francesca Michielin - Nessun grado di separazione
- Elio e le Storie Tese - Vincere l'odio

The Newcomers - Nuove Proposte

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