Thursday, December 03, 2015

REMEMBERING KIKKA (1964-2005).....

Kikka died ten years ago today. Heart attack took her at the age of 41. Finland's very own Samantha Fox or Sabrina Salerno shot to the fame with her sexy image and provocative but always funny lyrics full of double meanings in the late 1980's. In a year or two all of sudden she was lusted by men, adored by kids and liked by women. A wierd combo that has left a mark in the Finnish music business and her legacy lives on.
Her biggest dream was Eurovision and she did take part in the national final Euroviisut in 1992 with Parhaat puoleni (My best parts). Before that she scored twice a third place in the biggest Finnish music contest Syksysn Sävel; 1990 with Sukkula Veenukseen (Shuttle to Venus) and 1991 with Kierrätä, pyöritä mua (Recycle me, roll me over). Her debut single Mä haluun viihdyttää (I want to entertain you) in 1989 was a huge hit while Onnen nainenkin silloin vasta saa (Only then a woman is satisfied)  in 1991 was the very first female rap song in Finland.  Her last album came out in 2000 and last single in 2002. In 2004 she published an open letter to her fans saying goodbye. 
Her first three albums sold platinum, the fourth gold and the last and fifth missed the gold disc by a very little. All in all she has sold over 330.000 albums by 2013. 
She was fresh, she was fun. She was unique and fragile. Not the greatest vocalist for sure but a true artist. She is missed. 

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