Saturday, December 19, 2015


The Moldovan selection was becoming a bit of a joke but then the last minute rush brought us 47 submitted songs and now 24 has been chosen for the semifinals. And no, Sasha Bognikoff didn't make the cut with his two songs this year either.... :-) You can listen all the entries here. Among them also Belarusian Litesound (ESC 2012) and quite a few familiar names from previous selections..... and even Natalia Barbu (ESC 2007) in the group ELLE.

Andrei Ioniţa & Onoffrei - Lie
Diana Brescan - Till the end
Felicia Dunaf - You and me
Katherine and Litesound - Imagine
Rodica şi Ivan Aculov - Stop lying
Big Flash Sound - Când vrei
Doiniţa Gherman - Irresistible
Valeria Paşa - Save love
Lidia Isac - Falling stars
Viola - In the name of love
Cristina Pintilie & Alex Calancea Band - Picture of love
Valentin Uzun - Mine
DoReDoS - FunnyFolk
Max Fall & Vozniuc Dan & Malloy - Game over
Maxim Zavidia - La la love
Chris Maroo - Tonight
ELLE - Tare
PRIZA - Rewind
Beatrice - Saved my heart for you
Anna Gulko - Never let go
Che-MD - Vodă e cu noi
Emilia Russu - I am not the same
Criss Jeff - Good life
Nadia Moşneagu - Memories

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