Friday, December 25, 2015


Albania starts its search for the 54th Festivali i Këngës winner and the most likely Eurovision song contest 2016 entry tonight. I have listened the preview clips and have a few favorites, but then these are kind of songs that come alive or die on stage depending on performances so they are subject to change as I don't have any mega favorites...  (*these are the ones I'd send to the final based on tapes only...).  You can watch live here from 20.45 CET.

After seeing the show and hearing the songs I stick to my earlier impressions and predictions/hopes for the qualifiers. Maybe the order changed a bit but then I haven't revealed it, have I? :-)
And the results will be revealed surprisingly only after the second semifinal tomorrow! Ok.....
*Egzon Pireci – Triumf
Grupi Simbol – Artiste
*Voltan Prodani – Dëgjoje këngën o Atë
Adrian Lulgjuraj – Jeto dhe ëndërro
*Sigi Bastri – Engjëll i lirë
*Dilan Reka – Buzëqesh
*Lujz Ejlli – Pa mbarim
*Nilsa Hysi – Asaj
Orgesa Zaimi - Një shishe në oqean
*Erga Halilaj – Monolog
Florent Abrashi –Të ndjek çdo hap
*Teuta Kurti – Në sytë e mi
Kozma Dushi – Një kafe
*Aslaidin Zaimaj – Merrmë dhe sot
Egert Pano – Mos ik

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