Sunday, December 13, 2015


Sanremo 2009 winner Marco Carta seem to be the first artist to come out and express his disappointment after today's announcement of the artists and songs that made it to the festival next February. (Yes, the artists were sitting at home in front of the television like the rest of the common mortals to find out their fate.....)
He throws the dirt on Carlo Conti with a list of his entries that were not accepted the previous years:
2012 Mi hai guardato per caso - eventually made it to #6 in charts and sold gold
2014 Splendida ostinazione - eventually a #1 hit and sold platinum
2015 Ho scelto di no - eventually #22 and a gold disc

Truth to be said Conti is responsabel only for the 2015 and now 2016 dismission so he may have it with the festival itself.... Now let's wait and see how his this year's entry will do when released. 

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