Wednesday, December 02, 2015


Rumors, rumors, rumors. I already wrote here about the possible Sanremo 2016 names but as the date December 13 is coming closer, the rumor mill is just getting wilder and new names are coming up.
The most interesting one is Ricchi e Poveri! But with a twist: there might be a reunion with Marina Occhiena, the original 4th member who was fired back in 1981 in a scandal involving her and Angela's husband or something.... Could it be that after 35 years they would be again in talking, or rather singing terms? It all ended in Sanremo and could restart in Sanremo?
Other names that have come up are Patty Pravo, Loredana Bertè, Paolo Vallesi, two newcomers Amara and Levante who might just not qualify to be among big ones. Rocco Hunt is a newcomers winner so he could make it instead. Then we have Negrita, Francesco Renga once again, Daniele Silvestri and those crazy Elio e le Storie Tese. Marco Carta and Valerio Scanu, two previous young winners are among the rumored ones and then we have a real outsider, Lodovica Comello
11 nights to go and the mystery will be solved.....

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