Tuesday, December 01, 2015


Compromise. Not a pretty word. That's what BBC is doing. Add OGAE and you will end up a total
mess. Ask YLE. Finland involved OGAE members and various juries in the selection and ended sending Edea in 1998 leaving Jari Sillanpää home and his song is an evergreen today while Edea? Or the song.... And again in 2000 Nina Åström won without being anyone's favorite and is today a totally forgotten one while Anna Eriksson wnet on to win OGAE Second chance and is totday a megastar and what to say about Nightwish? A true missed chance.  So, good luck BBC and prepaire for the worst.
Ok anyways, the procedure is that 45 OGAE UK members divided in five groups of nine will each review 60 song and pick up their personal top-5. Actually this might be the saving aspect of this method. As a smaller group of persons hear only a smaller group of songs. Then each groups top-5 is sent forward so there will be 25 most likely heavily compromised and melodifestivalized songs to deal with. Another panel of ten new people will pick up the finalists from these 25.... and then the final selection is made by the public. How, it is not known yet. 
But there's a BUT. The British Academy of Songwriters, Composers and Authors will have a chance to add one more song to the list. So hello, serious songwriters, can you write a song? Maybe that will save the day?
Meanwhile let's listen something the British are still capable of writing.... but apparently not for Eurovision. Sad. 

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Anonymous said...

Well, it's a matter of taste for sure, but Edea's song from 1988 has always remained one of my personal favourites from that year - a fresh and beautiful entry that remains on my ESC shortlist. You shouldn't be sorry at all for sending her.
Milan (Serbia)


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