Saturday, December 26, 2015


Just when Germany dropped its wildcard part of the national final, Austria adopts it. The final will have ten songs, nine picked up by ORF and one being selected among these 37 hopefuls that had the courage to send their entry to a Facebook page..... I did have a quick listen and no, I don't care who gets through...... None got me interested or even listen to the the song in full, even if there are a couple of quite interesting ones that are almost there but not quite. Yet. 

Amiro - Taboo
Azrah - The one
Busy Bazaar - Never alone
Celina Ann - Life is on your side
Christine Strasser - I saw the light
Conny Conrad - We are we.ll be
Coperniquo - Turn your back
Cornerstone - Whatever
Cosima Turgel - Here I am
David Siedl ft. Madelene & MC Vio - Wah wah whine
E.Y.E. - Kiss
EARased - Better now
Esteban's - Portrait
Gerry+Me - Schön gelacht
Jake Rathburn - No other love
Kevin Etheridge - Palmtrees on your mind
Kevin Sudl - Magnetized
Laura Kamhuber - Stay tonight
Leinöl - Dinanderie
Leo Aberer - Menage a trois
Mani - I just wanna dance with you
Mary Broadcast - Not in my name
Merlin Miller - Moneypoliert
Miblu - Padme amidala
Mizgebonez - Nichts dafür tun
Natalia Kazaishvili - Our tune
Ola Egbowon - Addicted
Outline - The day
ProjectM - Say goodbye
Roxana Razaghi - It's you
Sara Koell - Closer to the sun
Sarah Be - You'll need me
Solarkreis - Vergiss mein nicht
Sperenzi - Rocket
Tasha - Not in my name
The Track feat. Florian Kresser - One voice
XDream - Gerne mir dir

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