Sunday, April 06, 2014


Ucraine selected their entry already back in December 2013. Unlike usually their entry Tick-tock didn't quite impress anyone abroad and most of us were pretty certain it would be replaced with something else. But it didn't happen (a lot of other things happened in Ucraine instead) but the song has gone through a major facelift since. Marya (21), second time lucky (5th last year) has gone through several musical competitions and festivals already, from Ucrainian Voice to New Wave. She wants to be the musical incarnation of Monica Bellucci... 
Robert: At first, I did not care one bit about Mariya's winning song Tick-Tock but after the song was revamped to what it is now, I started to notice it and I must say that it's really a pleasant modern pop song now. With this improvement and most probably some sympathy votes for the Ukraine, it should not be too difficult for them to reach the final. I'm ok with Mariya representing Ukraine, however, my heart goes out to a song that only reached 12 position in their national final. Yevgen Litvinkovych with Strelyanaya ptitsa.
Blogilkar: I'm with Robert here. I didn't only not notice Tick-tock at first, I also didn't like it at all when I did. Then it lured itself into my brain and when the new version was released I had to give in. I like it. Not my top favorites but I like it. I didn't really go crazy for any of the songs in the Ucrainian final but I kinda hoped Victor Romanchenko would win with Na krayu propasti, but he only came 3rd.

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