Friday, April 18, 2014


Poland returns to the contest after two skip years and has last seen in the final in 2008 when Isis Gee finished 24th. Donatan & Cleo released My Slowianie already in October 2013 and it soon got over 40 million views on Youtube. Slavic girls shaking what mama gave them surely has helped to achieve that. By public demand, it seems, TVP asked them to go to Eurovision and they accepted. Donatan (29) is a famous and succesful producer. He has been criticized for preaching pa-Slavism, paganism, satanism and promoting communism. A lot of -isms for one guy! Cleo (28) has a past in gospel choirs and X Factor. She's also a singer-songwriter and a painter. 
Robert: Slavic girls, shake what your mama gave ya. What is this? I'm glad that Poland is back in the competition but this song is not my cup of tea, really. It is popular on Youtube but that has mostly to do with the videoclip i think. I have no clue what this song will do in the second semi final. I understand that Cleo is a very good “live “singer and she definitely needs to be to have this song going anywhere. 
Blogilkar: First, I'm very happy Poland is back. It's also nice they chose a song that is/has been already a huge hit in Poland and in some other territories near it. Only that this is kind of music I can't stand. It will be entertaining to watch and stand for 3 minutes on stage, I guess, and it will even fool people to vote for it and sail to the final. But would I listen to this without seeing it? No. Would I even watch this if it wasn't Eurovision? No. But tastes are different and that's the beauty of music and Eurovision. Oh, the instrumental bit in the middle is beautiful.....

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