Friday, April 25, 2014


Molly Smitten-Downes (27) is a singer-songwriter from Leicestershire. Not exactly an household name (yet) she scored her first top-10 hit already in 2008 with Raindrops. Another collaborations include I will learn to love again, Shadows and Never forget. But she wasn't really into that genre and has since gained notoriety among unsigned artists and even won the Best Urban/Pop artist award in 2012. Last year she won the Best song of the year award, so her career is taking big steps towards wide audience stardom. She got to BBC Introducing series and that's where they found and picked her instead of likes of rumored Geri Halliwell. Love Geri but this was a wise decision. Children of the Universe has pretty much the same incredients than Love shine a light.
Robert: First of all, the Uk did great to choose a talented newcomer again after 2 disappointing results with 2 veterans. The song is also more interesting than the last 2 years. It should pay off in the results in the final.The voice of Molly can be very good and has some rough edges. If she manages to deliver it right, I predict a top 10 for the UK. 
Blogilkar: When I first heard this with live presentation with audience I thought this is the winner of 2014. I absolutely adore her voice, a fascinating mixture of Bonnie Tyler and Cyndi Lauper if such a thing is humanly possible. The song is good, has varied moments of sing-a-long opportunities and great arrangement. Plus of course the Power to the people! slogan. UK may not win after all - I wouldn't mind at all though! - but it should do very well this year.

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