Sunday, April 13, 2014


Ireland sends Kasey Smith (23) with Can-Linn, a traditional Irish music act. Kasey herself started with  a girlband Wonderland before moving to Nashville to prepaire for a solo career. She tried to get to Eurovision already last year with Kiss me. Good for her she didn't win as she's so much better a year after....
Robert: In the Irish preselection of this year, there was no clear favourite and it could have been anyone for me. None of the songs was bad but also none was really good. The songs by Andrew Mann, Laura O'Neill and Eoghan Quigg were slightly better for me than the winning song Heartbeat. The song is not a finalist for me. 
Blogilkar: I do like Heartbeat. On the other hand it's very calculated and Eurovision by numbers (no wonder when looking at the authors) and the presentation in the Irish national final was a mess. Those dancers must go - or put them in to catwalk and show them every now and then, not ALL the time jumping behind her! She has a nice voice and it all works somehow, it's Irish, catchy. Yet somehow something is missing and I have the feeling I shouldn't like this.... Oh well. 
The Irish final was pretty good this year and I would have preferred Laura O'Neill or Eoghan Quigg as well.  Ireland is not doing so great in polls this year so far but I think it will squeeze into the final after all.

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