Friday, April 04, 2014


Montenegro is yet to reach the final. The five previous entries didn't do it and they surely have tried various genres. All but the classic Balcan ballad Moj svijet, that comes now, by a big name. All is set for the first qualification especially as the other countries that have brought in similar songs are missing; Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Croatia. But that also means they are not voting.... Sergej has over 20 years of succeful career behind him and will surely do his best in Copenhagen.
Robert: Montenegro is going for a traditional Balkan ballad this year and an internal choice so nothing to compare with if there was something else in the running. It's a beautiful song yes but i'm afraid it's not bringing anything new and we have heard it before. I cannot help comparing it with other Balkan ballads we had before from Zejlko in 2004 and 2012 and Hari Mata Hari in 2006 and then I can only conclude that the other songs were better and had more built up in the songs. But Montenegro will already be very happy when they reach the final and with this experienced singer and the right presentation, they just might succeed. I really hope for them.
Ilkar:  Like Robert said one can't but compared this to Zeljko and Hari Mata Hari. I loved the song with the first hearing, but the magic faded soon when it was painfully clear he isn't Zeljko. This lacks that something that makes it special, but then we are yet to see a live performance. Who knows? This needs to be in the final however, it deserves it no doubt. And maybe the magic of these big Balcan ballads will relive once again. Or has the time passed? I still like this a lot, but then I'm a sucker for Slavic melancholy....

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