Wednesday, April 09, 2014


Macedonia went for internal selection this year and here comes singer, cellist and actress Tijana Dapčević (38). She's from a musical family with music professor father, opera primadonna mother and little sister Tamara who already graced the Eurovision stage in 2008 (and she's backing Tijana this year). She's got a 20 year of pop career behind her so she knows her stuff, beware! Her motto is Sky's the limit and her entry fits in nicely with the theme: To the sky. A Macedonian version is also made: Tamu kaj sto pripagjam.
Robert: After Kaliopi and Esma Redzepova, another strong looking power woman for Macedonia this year. She has huge presence on stage and I like her style. The song however isn't that strong as her personality. I think it could have been better. Having said that, I still think it's ok to listen to and most probably, I will dance on it alot in Copenhagen.:)
Ilkar: Somehow she's very likable. Like is her song. And it's very catchy! Every now and then I discover it playing in my head. It's also a very safe bet, Eurovision by numbers that hasn't done so well in the past few years anymore. Will she make it? Should she? Maybe yes. If she delivers the night of voting, at least.

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