Saturday, April 05, 2014


The Netherlands, once an Eurovision power state has struggled for years and last year they took a change and chose Anouk, a big name at home and abroad. Anouk took them back to the final and this year they follow with the same recipe: big local name(s). Ilse DeLange and Waylon teamed up and represent the low lands with a song from their duo project The Common Linnets. Calm after the storm is different from the rest but will this acoustic, quiet country song do the trick?
Robert: I'm so happy with the path that the Netherlands is taking right now. After Anouk, another 2 great artists are representing the Netherlands with a self-willed song which is very daring and couregeous. It's not obvious yet if the Netherlands will reach the final with this choice but to me, this song is a jewel which even after 30 years will be judged as quality, and quality may come more to Eurovision. If it was up to me, they belong in the final and after in the top 5. After many many years, I have the Dutch song as my personal favourites. Well done.
Blogilkar: I do like this. This is not everyone's cup of tea (read: Eurovision fans who only want upbeat plastic songs with huge show and key change) but I find this rhythm quite hypnotic and very nice to listen to. Nothing much happens there really, I must admit that and a lot will depend on the atmosphere they manage to create on stage and how that transmits on TV-screen. This can go either way and I hope for the Netherlands it goes the right way, to the final and scores well there.


Anonymous said...

Nice review guys. I hope they manage to qualify. I do think their chances are underestimated by fans. I just feel this will get far..possible top 10 in the finale even!

Windmaschinchen Schweiz said...

Absolutely right! I think "Calm after the storm" is one of the best songs this year! The word "hypnotic" describes it pretty well!
Very strong entry from the Netherlands!

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