Friday, April 11, 2014


Last year Georgia tried the easy way: Taking two fine voiced singers, a sugary ballad bought by a Swedish Eurovision winning composer. All perfect on paper, less so in real life. This year they take a U-turn and send in a band that mixes traditional Georgian music with pop, world music and fusion jazz. The band exists since 1998 and has taken Mariko Ebralidze (30) as a guest vocalist for this Eurovision adventure in Three minutes to earth.
Robert: Intriguing song from Georgia in 2014. I think it is the least typical Eurovision song of this year and that's why I took some effort to listen to it carefully and you know what?  I really started liking it. How you can brainwash yourself.:) I welcome non typical, unpredictable songs on the Eurovision stage and even more when the musicians are great and the singer is very skilled like Mariko. Let's hope the juries give this song some points so that it won't be last.
Blogilkar:  In theory I should adore this song. But I don't. It leaves me rather unmoved. Mariko has a great voice.... I don't really know what to say about it. Maybe I need to hear it live first to form a proper opinion? The most confusing entry in 2014.

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