Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Anis Basim Moujahid (21) aka Basim is of Moroccon origin (like Loreen). He's a household name in Denmark and started his career already at the age of 15 in X Factor. Two albums and one EP later he emerged as the winner in the Danish national final and will fly the Danish flag in his hometown with Cliche love song
Robert: Since the Danish final of March 8, I've been playing quite some songs from this years Danish preselection. Bryan Rice, Danni Elmo, Sonny and Emilie Moldow to mention the ones I prefer most. Basim won the final with the modern, Bruno Mars like, Cliche love song. For me, its an ok song, and maybe the song with the best chances to get a high ranking on the night of the final. So, I can live with the choice the Danes made. However, if the Danes would have chosen Emmelie de Forest again to defend her title like the Germans did with Lena a few years ago, I would have been very happy. Her latest song Rainmaker is really good and that one would have been among my favourites this year.
Blogilkar: Danish final once again gave us quite a few goodies. I did like Basim,my second favorite,  but my favorite was Bryan Rice with I choose U (despite his chaotic performance, that could have been fixed). I still adore his 2010 runner up Breathing. Hopefully he will be third time lucky sometime soon! But back to Basim. He has a very catchy song in his hands and will get the whole arena sing along to his Scooba-dooba-dap-dap-di-di-die, Scooba-dooba-dap-dap-di-di-die, I love you, Yeah. And Denmark will do very well again this year.

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