Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Spain staged a national final with invited artists and it was a pretty good selection indeed. Two favorites stood above others, Brequette and Ruth. They even tied in the final but in the end Ruth was declared the winner. She's 31 and comes to Copenhagen via Spain, USA and UK, where she came 5th in the X Factor a few years ago. She has been touring and doing this and that, but this seems to be her real debut.  Her previous singles are Burn and The Night.
Robert: It took me a while to enjoy Dancing in the rain. This was mainly because I was so upset that Brequette with Mas did not win. Her “live “performance was so overwhelming that I could not understand that she did not get the trophy. I saw a winning song for Spain. However Ruth's Dancing in the rain is certainly not a bad song that could do very well if she sings it right and if she manages to deliver. The videoclip is beautiful and the final version of the song sounds great.  But as soon as she is a bit off tune, with this particular song, it sounds awful as she did in the national final. 
Blogilkar: I totally agree with Robert, only that I still don't care much for Dancing in the rain, I find it shouty and somehow Ruth comes across a bit bitchy, don't know. Brequette won me over totally with her national final performance! Loved it! And what a fabulous hair..... She surely would have given Sanna & co. run for their money.

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