Friday, April 04, 2014


Here it is finally. The long awaited schedule that the fans and the delegations alike have been waiting for eagerly. Like last year the first technical rehearsals are behind closed doors to give the delegations some peace and quiet to get their act together on stage. They can be watched on screen in Press center though. Press and fans get to see the First dress rehearsal, while the Second is the so called Jury rehearsal and they vote across Europe based on that. The Third one is for the Families who can't stay up late and watch the real thing.....

The fun starts on Monday April 28 when the first ten countries rehearse (Armenia, Latvia, Estonia, Sweden, Iceland, Albania, Russia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Belgium) starting from 10.00 until 17.50. The Press conferences follow each country, starting at 12.20 for Armenia and finishing 20.00 for Belgium. But for participating countries that 30 minutes on stage isn't all there is. The delegations must arrive almost two hours before for information, security, dressing rooms, mics and ear monitors and all sort of things. After the stage time there will be the viewing of the performance and discussing the possible changes and all that sort of things like make up and interview with before the Press conference. All in all it's almost four hours of hard work.

The same schedule happens on Tuesday April 29 with next 11 countries from both semis (Moldova, San Marino, Portugal, The Netherlands, Montenegro, Hungary, Malta, Israel, Norway, Georgia, Poland). The rehearsals finish at 18.30 and the Press conferences at 20.40.

Wednesday April 30 the remaining ten countries will go though the same schedule (Austria, Lithuania, Finland, Ireland, Belarus, Macedonia, Switzerland, Greece, Slovenia, Romania). The rehearsals finish at 17.50, the Press conferences at 20.00. Then it's time to get into the party mood, it's the Eve of May First!

Thursday May 1. Free day of rehearsals for the Labour Day. 

Friday May 2 the rehearsals continue. Twenty minutes of stage time for all the countries in the first semifinal from 12.00 to 19.55, and Press conferences from 13.00 to 21.30. The day starts however with the Press conference by EBU/DR at 11.00-12.00.

Saturday May 4 the same for all the countries in second semifinal, from 12.00 to 19.30, Press conferences from 13.00 to 21.00

Sunday May 5 the Big5 plus Denmark take on the stage from 10.00 (Germany, UK, France, Denmark, Italy, Spain) until 14.40. Their Press conferences are from 12.20 to 16.50. 
Before that the Hosts Press conference at 11.50-12.20. 
The Welcome Party and much awaited Red Carpet will take place on Sunday as well.

Monday May 5 there are the two Dress rehearsals for the Semifinal One at 15-17.30 and 21-23.

Tuesday May 6 the third Dress rehearsal at 15-17 and live broadcast at 21-23 followed by a Press conference. In the morning between 10 and 12.55 the Big5 + Denmark will have their second rehearsals and the Press conferences.

Wednesday May 7 the first two Dress rehearsals of Semifinal Two at 15-17 and 21-23.

Thursday May 8 the third Dress rehearsal at 15-17 and the live broadcast at 21-23 followed by the Press conference.

Friday May 9 the first two Dress rehearsals for the final at 14-17.30 and 21-00.30.

Saturday May 10 the third Dress rehearsal at 13-16.30 followed by the Grand Final at 21-00.30 and the winner's Press conference around 00.00 streamed live on

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