Tuesday, April 01, 2014


Portugal returns after one year break and caused in the end the biggest scandal of the season with the voting hassle. Suzy will be in Copenhagen with her pimba song Quero ser tua, and nothing will change that. She started in music already as a child and scored her first big hit in 1999. And she lives in Dubai these days....
Robert: Suzy has a summery, medicore song for me. It's nothing very special. However, after all the dirt, including death threats, that are just beyong any imagination you can only hope she will have a revenge over her critics and qualify for the final. The poor losers who cause this ridiculous behaviour are most likely fans of Catarina Pereira's Mea culpa. But that song is just as medicore to me as Suzy's. My clear favorite was the diva Zana with the song Na asas da sorte. Maybe a bit oldfashioned, I admit, but a strong performance, catchy and with four great backing singers.
Blogilkar: I'm with Robert here. I do like Quero ser tua, for it's dose of summer, holidays and sunny beaches (and memories of some lambadas danced a loooong time ago). My favorite was Zana as well and yes, I do find Mea culpa even more medicore than this Suzy's effort. All in all the Portuguese final was a very weird experience, one of those "and time stood still" moments. It could have been late 1980's, early 1990's.... but it is 2014 and no, Portugal won't win this year either. And it's a pity.

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