Thursday, April 10, 2014


After last year's glitter and crazy Ding dong here comes a cool rockband with some stadium sized rock. All the guys are still under 19 so it would be propriate to talk about a boyband but for me boyband screams pop, and these guys are rock. The lead singer has a voice like no one else and they have some youthful charm to add and make it look and sound beyond their years. They got a recording deal already before winning UMK (just like Krista last year) and are backed by the label big time. Let's see how it goes..... Are they Something better?
Robert: Slowly I start to like this song a bit but I must admit I was quite upset with UMK, the Finnish national preselection, this year. I had two absolute favourites, Sängyn reunalla by Mikko Pohjola and Going down by Lauri Mikkola  and Selja by Hukka & Mama was also very nice. None of them won but a sympathetic boyband instead. Just sometimes I do not understand the Finns.... Oh well..:)
Blogilkar: I agree with Robert here at some point. My clear favorite was also Mikko Pohjola, and I loved Hukka ja Mama, Lauri Mikkola was very good and overal UMK was better than ever this year! Softengine wasn't my favorite at any point but I kinda liked it and saw the appeal. Now, with the line up we have I'm quite pleased it won. Mikko might have been lost (unfairly!) among the many male ballads, and Hukka ja Mama (unfairly!) among the many folk entries. Or maybe Mama's cakehat would have saved the day? Who knows? But Softengine is alone in its genre this year and sticks out. The guys are very young and unexperienced, hopefully their manage to keep their cool and nerves. In the end of the day this may have been our best chance after all. All or nothing. 

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