Tuesday, April 29, 2014


We got an early wake up this morning as the pick up was 7.20. We arrived to the venue before 8 and then it was a long wait between safety instructions, dressing rooms, delegation lounge, all sort of preparations from in-ear monitors to microphones before we eventaully got to backstage and on stage. After 40 minutes on stage and four (or was it five?) run throughs of the performance, with eventual changes and suggestions and variations in lights and camera angles it was finally time for the viewing room experience followed by make up consultation for those who need it, or the performers. And after eurovision.tv interviews and things before the press meet & greet. That all kept us so busy I only saw Moldova before us on stage.... But the stage looks fabulous, the water around it, the greenroom.... It maybe a jungle out there but inside B&W Hallerne it's the usual glitter heaven!

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