Sunday, April 20, 2014


Tinkara Kovač (35) is a musician, singer, professional flautist, composer and lyricist. She has been around since 1997 and is fourth time lucky with Eurovision (1997, 1999, 2001). She has released already nine albums and studied in Trieste, Italy and is a flute professor indeed. She has also recorded in Italian (Spezzacuori). She has collected numerous awards in various festivals over the years and has been performing a lot in neighbouring Croatia, Austria and Italy. She won the EMA 2014 with Spet (Round and round) getting 69,9% of the votes in the superfinal. When critized for the flute in comparison for the last year's winning song she said she was playing flute even before Emmelie De Forest was born. Enough said.
Robert: Here is a song I like to hear so for me the right song won although I always keep a weak spot for Omar Naber who also had a nice song in the Ema, the Slovenian preselection, I won't give upRound and Round has a nice mix of Slovenian and English, a catchy refrain and nice backings. Also the new video is very nice. Only a bit less flute in the song would it have made better, I think.
Blogilkar: Also for me the right song won, but as for the weak spots, I had one for Samuel Lucas and Nermin Puškar with their Masquerade. This said, I like Round and round a lot, but it's a song I always forget when naming my favorites. Is that on omen? Will the voters also forget about it? That would be a shame.... It's very catchy despite all, Tinkara has charisma. Still I'm afraid this might miss the final. Unfairly that is.

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