Wednesday, April 30, 2014


San Marino had its first technical rehearsal this morning as the second country after Moldova. It ment also a very early wake up and pick up to the venue "just to be sure". It sure was sure as the ride took 15 minutes instead of 1 h 40 min scheduled.... Anyways, the rest went on smoothly and Valentina had time to reconnect with Cristina Scarlat and later Suzy from Portugal joined in and by the time we were ready to leave also the Netherlands, Montenegro, Hungary and Malta had arrived.
In the 40 minutes of rehearsal the song was performed four times, each performance followed immediate rescreening for changes. Smoke and wind machine were tested as well as different colors. More changes and minor hickups will be fine tuned for the second rehearsal on Friday.
Valentina stands on a giant sea shell like a Botticelli's Venus while her four backing singers (Giovanna Naber, Giacomo Di Benedetto, Sandrina Sedona and Paulo Alves) are placed in the bachround by the side of the stage. 
Lyricist Mauro Balestri was on piano, placed on the other corner of the stage. All in all it was a good rehearsal, Valentina is in top form vocally and the visual things and the smoke/windmachine effects will be sorted out. Sammarinese team brings on Eurovision stage a bit of a good ol' Hollywood glamour! It also stands outs nicely between Moldova's quite dark and gloomy setting and Portugal's explosion of color and rhyrhm. What do you think? Check out the rehearsal video here. Another video worth watching is here. Photos by Andres Putting (EBU)

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