Monday, April 07, 2014


When Austria broke the news Conchita Wurst will go to Copenhagen it was a bit of a Lordi/Dana International scale news. Headlines and controversy guaranteed. Tom Neuwirth (25) created the bearded woman, his drag queen alter ego a few years ago. Besides that he's a very good vocalist, that makes him different from other drag queens. And he has the beard. He shot to fame from a reality talent show and already was a runner up in Austria in 2012 with That's what I am. We get a big ballad Rise like a Phoenix. Apparently also autobiografical.
Robert: Conchita surprised me in a very positive way with the choice of her song and later how she managed to sing it “live “. The song is a classy, type of Shirley Bassey, James Bond song. I like it and she deserves to be in the final with this.
Blogilkar: I was thrilled when I heard Ms Wurst is making it this time. I loved his Unbreakable and adore the creature and person he has created. I was (and propably many others, too) expecting a disco song like his previous Eurovision try but instead he surprised us all with his Bond-esque, musical style ballad. There was also a delay in releasing the song so I suspect there has been some twist and pull between songs in the backstage. I hope the risk they are taking is worth it. Ms Wurst belongs to the final, no doubt. And as high there as possible. Every vote he gets is slap in face to discriminating, narrow minded people. On top of that all he can sing and has a great voice, did I already mention that? Go Conchi!

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