Wednesday, April 02, 2014


Russia was the last one to reveal their entry and in the current political situation one can only wonder how and if it will effect the outcome. The Tolmachevy sisters took the ungrateful job and their song Shine is penned by the usual names who are willing to enter whichever country takes them every year. The twin sisters Anastasiya and Maria have already won the Junior Eurovision song contest in 2006 and now at the age of 17 give it a try among the adults. They have performed in a few high scale productions (like Eurovision 2009 in Moscow) as guests but as for recording songs and having hits they are totally unknown.
Robert:After all the political turmoil of recent weeks around Russia, the Russian entry, to most, is the song to dislike but I must admit I like it very much. Whenever it passes by on my ipod, it catches my attention and i want to turn up the volume. Since Eurovision is bringing people together and that the message is to keep politics out of the contest, the Tolmachevy twins gladly may go to the final and Shine there.
Blogilkar: I don't know why but they make me think of CatCat; the same kind of clumsy perplexity of aloof divas that are nothing but girls next door in the end and we all know it no matter how glamorous they pretend to be. The same goes with the song. It's nothing special, on the contrary; very common and heard a million times before. Yet, in some weird and awkward way it makes you sing along and creates somekind of likability. And like many others this year, I would be happier not liking the Russian entry at all and wishing them not to qualify and be done with it.... Confusing. If they sent a local superstar instead and went for it like every other year it would be so much easier to dislike them....

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