Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Italian DJ and radio speaker Linus will announce the Italian votes in the final in Copenhagen 2014 Eurovision song contest. He will also comment the final with Nicola Savino (pictured with Linus on left). The two semifinals, that RAI will broadcast both for the very first time will be commented by Marco Ardemagni and Filippo Solibello again. All this will happen directly from Milan, so the Italian commentators won't be on spot in B&W Hallerne. (But San Marino will have Italian commentary from studios in San Marino AND commentary in English from the spot!)

Italy has notoriously left the winning songs in 2011 and 2012 without a single point, but last year they awarded Only teardrops full 12 points. Romania, Moldova and Ukraine have received points every year. If combined the last three years votes, the Italian votes this year would be:
Romania 12, Moldova 10, Ukraine 8, Denmark 7, Germany 6, Albania 5, Malta 4, Russia 3, United Kingdom 2 and Greece 1. Propably not very far from the truth come May 10.....

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