Thursday, April 17, 2014


Norway revamped its national selection MGP this year and managed to get a varied group of songs in it. One stood above the rest already from the release of a few seconds snippets, Silent storm by carpenter Carl Espen (32). The contrast with his looks and voice/song makes it very special and he sings it with heartfelt passion. The song is written by his cousin Josephine Winther.  Carl served six months military in Kosovo, does volunteer work for cancer research and works also as a doorman in a rock club. Not your typical EuroBoy is he? Do we have a male version of Marija Serifovic in the making here?
Robert: Are we going back to Norway next year? There is definitely a big chance. Silent storm is a beautiful ballad that will capture alot of attention and votes. His personal story as the singer carpenter will certainly also help in the right direction. So, the right song won cause it has a huge chance even of winning. However, the sad thing is, that Norway had another jewel in their preselection which cannot shine on the Eurovision stage now. Linnea Dale also had a great song, High hopes and she gave a charming performance of her great song. I had a slight personal preference for her.
Blogilkar: I fell in love with this song since I first heard it. Some have been critizising his nervous performances live but I think it only ads to it, giving it more autenthic feel, the silent storms inside him indeed. Those storms can be interpreted in many ways. This is real music, not written Eurovision and let's-make-a-hit in mind. This could win it all and complete the Nordic triple Sweden-Denmark-Norway in Eurovision, even if DR didn't make it any favors by placing it third in the semifinal. But it doesn't matter, this will qualify and it's all a different game in the final..... Oh, yes. Linnea was also my second favorite even if there really was only Carl for me in Norway :-)

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