Tuesday, April 08, 2014


Yuriy Vaschuk aka Teo (31) finally gets to Eurovision. He's singer, composer, arranger, presenter. He has "won" the national selection as composer already three times, only that the songs have been always changed afterwards (Far away in 2010, All my life 2012 and Rhythm of love 2013). This year he decided to sing himself and stick to the song. No wonder. Cheesecake is ment to be Teo, the object of desire that he doesn't want to be.... Want a slice?
Robert: Pfff what a torture to go through all the songs of Belarus this year. Also Teo's Cheesecake is not my cup of tea. In fact, it could be my worst song of 2014. With this, Belarus will certainly not qualify. If I had to choose the best of all the mediocre songs, I would have gone for Dariya with Starlight.
Blogilkar: I've never been particularly a fan of Belarusian entries. Or rather the changed ones that got to go to Eurovision - is it pure coincidence they were co-written by Teo? Cheesecake was my clear favorite and  I like it, and unlike Robert I think it has a chance. I admit I wasn't quite aware of Robin Thicke before everyone started talking about these two and indeed there are similarities in style but quite frankly, I prefer Teo. I also suspect an average Eurovision voter is also not familiar with Mr Thicke. In the rather terrible Belarusian national final I only liked besides Teo Artem Mikhalenko's Rapsodia #1. A little. It would have been fun to watch how fans propably would have hated it to bits. Btw, he scored zero points...

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