Friday, April 25, 2014


The Class of '14 of Eurovision artists could be one the most even ever what comes to the age of the artists. There's only 23 year gap between the youngest and the oldest artist that performs with own name (solo/duo). With a quick check of the solo artists (I didn't search for the dates of birth of the groups from Latvia, Iceland, Malta, Georgia, Finland, France and Germany, and didn't find Kasey Smith's date) we notice that out if these 36 that I have the year, 22 are born in the 1980's, seven in the 1970's and in the 1990's as well. And out of the 34 that I have the exact date, 26 are born in the first half of the year and only 11 in the last six months of the year....
The youngest ones are the Russian twins and the guys from Finland, Greece and Denmark. The oldest are Ovi and Valentina Monetta! (I think the Icelandic gentlemen would take the prize here though) Dilara and Emma have only 5 days between them, Mei and Ruth about a month, Axel and Carl about two months, Paula and Tinkara three months.
Teo and Suzy share the same date of birth, January 24. Of the months January, March, April and June all have four birthday celebrations, October none. Valentina, Mariya and Cristina are born one after another on March 1,2 and 3. 
There's no Leo among horoscopes but six Aquirius (Teo, Suzy, Andràs, Hersi, Tijana, Theo of Freaky Fortune) and four Pisces (Valentina, Mariya, Cristina, Sergey), four Taurus (Waylon, Nicolas of Freaky Fortune, Ilse and Dilara) as well as Cancer (Vilija, Cleo, Basim, Carl). Warer and Air dominate the horoscopes followed by Earth. The Fire is almost absent, with only four names: Molly, Aram Mp3, Sanna and Mei. Can fire beat water in the final? 

*And wasn't this fun totally nonsense piece of news? The numbers and shares might change a little if all participating artists were taken into account, of course.

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